My first carnivorous experiment

Jan 01, 2021

Hey there, all you plantaholics! I hope all is well with you and your family at home.

I feel incredibly victorious today because I finally planted my first carnivorous plant the proper way! Hooray! I deserve some self-pats on my back! Here’s an important lesson that I learned: do not purchase a plant without adequate research! Equip yourself with as much information needed to see if you can give it the right amount of care.

Onto some good news, my little babies are growing very fast!

The climber you see here is called Gmelina philippensis. It caught my eye when I first saw it in an exotic plant nursery. It bears beautiful yellow flowers shaped like parrot beaks that emerge from overlapping green bracts, aptly known as, you guessed it, parrot’s beak. Interestingly, there’s also a possibility of the plant bearing fruits which may germinate.

This is a sun-loving plant, and from where I live, they usually flower from the end of October to February or early March. It is a no-fuss and easy to grow plant and requires regular watering.

Watch out for the thorns

Till next time, happy planting!