Thorny Cacti

Feb 26, 2021

Hey Plantaholics, how are you doing this week? Today, I would like to share my stormy relationship and numerous experiences dealing with presumably a very deadly category of plants called…CACTUS. Just by seeing its name gives you goosebumps thinking about the prickly thorns on them! Is your skin covered with tingling sensations now?

There’s a belief that you shouldn’t keep cacti inside the house. Some might even go as far as dubbing it a religious taboo! Maybe it has something to do with its thorny silhouette. Though beguiling, one can’t help but feel intimidated by its menacing look!

Anyway, let’s start with describing their shape. Some are globular, some are columnar, whereas others can be likened to sticks.

Next, let’s get into some of their texture. Some can be very thorny, whereas some, such as the bunny ears, can bear soft thorns. Now don’t rest easy yet; believe me when I say that if you touch those bunny ears, you will be covered with so many thorns that it will be difficult to remove them from your skin!

Now let me get to the most beguiling and definite part of cacti - they have incredibly stunning flowers in so many beautiful colors that you will be dazzled and can easily forget about its thorns!

Let me show you the different cacti from my collection.

The good thing is, cacti are very easy to maintain. The only thing they are really finicky about is the amount of sunlight that they should get. When the temperature gets above 35°, you only need to water it once a week. The soil should be extremely porous. The easiest way for you to achieve that would be to mix some sand, manure and add some bonemeal to it, and you’re ready to start your own cactus collection! Occasionally, people will add perlite, and if that’s readily available to you, be sure to add it to your soil mix!

Happy Cacti Planting!