Importance of plants

Apr 13, 2021

Hey Plantaholics, how are your plants doing now? I am sure you are taking a lot of extra care to make sure they stay happy and healthy. Today, I want to ask you the simplest question — why should we have/grow plants? What is so special about them, right?

The most knee-jerk obvious answer is that plants give out oxygen and keep the air clean. While that might be true, there are other equally important reasons why we should have plants! 

Here are some of my reasons why I love plants:

Plants help keep the air around you clean

Since they produce oxygen, their mere presence, especially when surrounding you, would make sure that the air around you is kept fresh and purified.

Plants bring excitement to your day

Do you notice your happiness level every time you bring a new plant home? Whenever you get a new plant from the nursery, you are obviously going to be excited every day! You would be excited to get up in the morning to make careful inspections on your plants to check their growth progress of the day. In a way, having plants give you a sense of purpose in life by having something to look forward to every day.

Plants teach you to be patient

Remember the first time you grow a plant from tiny seeds? You wait patiently for the first hint of green, and when it does, that indicates that the seed has taken root. After that, you wait patiently for each new leaf to unfurl. Then, you wait patiently as its stem becomes strong, giving rise to new branches that will hopefully bear flowers or fruits one day. The keyword here is P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E, and your plants are asking you to slow down in this fast-paced life and to soak in the beauty of growing with time.

Plants = nurture

What happens when you see tiny flower buds open? Are you tempted to touch them? Or do you just enjoy the view? If you are hesitant to touch them, chances are, you have learned to be gentle and caring to live things. Because you have nurtured this plant since its inception, you helped give it life.

Plants bring out the scientist in you

As you start growing your plant collection and getting comfortable adding different varieties, congratulations, you have turned into a serious gardener! Just knowing their names and the minimal growth requirements is not sufficient for you. You now want to create the perfect environment for your plants, which means you’re always ready to experiment with different conditions. Making mistakes come with the job, but that’s how you learn. Gardening is not just a hobby; it becomes a scientific experience

Growing plants is an act of devotion

Besides all of the above, there’s another reason why I love plants. Plants have given me a beautiful gift; in return, I have met many friends through online groups who are as crazy in love with plants as I am. I hope you have also found some like-minded friends, and I can be one too!