Aroid Family

May 28, 2021

Hey Plantaholics, how are you and your plants doing? I hope both are in excellent health!

The greens you see above are all aroids.

The Philos, peace lilies, pothos (money plants), caladiums, aglaonema, monsteras, etc., all belong to the family of Aroids. Basically, they are all green plants. Some of them may produce blooms. Some flowers are less conspicuous, whereas others, like anthuriums, have beautiful flowers in different eye-catching colors.

This is the beautiful flower of a peace lily plant.

All the plants in this vast family can thrive in low-light conditions. That’s why they are the most popular choice for indoor plants. You can keep them in any corner of your house, and believe me, with just a pop of natural green, your spot can be brightened!

Typically, these plants have bright shiny leaves and would need a prop for support to climb.

Another bonus? Since they are low maintenance, they are perfect for beginners! Water them just enough to keep the soil moist and tie them to a moss pole to help them cling on, and presto, you will now have a beauty growing inside your home!

Another tip is to group 2 - 3 varieties of aroids, and not only will you be rewarded with a bunch of greens tucked in a corner, but they will look aesthetically pleasing!

While bright light is welcomed, it’s not necessary. However, leaving these plants in the hands of sunlight is more harmful to them; they could get their leaves scorched, and the color of the leaves may also have a lighter shade of green.

So dear Plantaholics, with these greens, you will be able to bring cheer inside your house. For your inspiration, I found a picture on the Internet and hope someday to have this kind of green sanctuary!

If you have furry friends at home, be sure to keep your plants away from them. You want to place your plant in a location where your pets won't be able to nibble on the leaves or dig the soil it grows in!